charlotte dewulf
A little lady with big dreams for the littlest people

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Eefje Donkerblauw - Celine Verbeeck - Charlotte Dewulf

eefje dark blue

Eefje Dark Blue lives happily in her dark blue house with dark blue chairs, a dark blue table, a dark blue bed, in facteverything in Eefje her house is dark blue. Even her best friend Antonio, her dark blue fish.

Sometimes Eefje feels a bit lonely in that large blue house so Eefje decides to get to know the grey people of her town. Enthusiastically, she puts up a blue stand in the middle of the grey city to sell blueberry jam. But the grey people think Eefje is weird and are notinterested in her jam and they are definitely not interested in talking to her. She loses courage and decides that she does not need anybody else. She could not be happier alone in her dark blue house. But what if she encounters a sweet yellow prince?


Cast: Celine Verbeeck & Joren Seldeslachts
Adaptation of the children’s book Eefje Dark Blue


Het Jeugdfilmfestival (Belgium)
Ciné Public (Belgium)
TUMULTgent (Belgium)
YoungAbout Filmfestival (Italy)
BIFFF- Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium)
Seoul International Youth Film Festival (South-Korea)
Cinékid for Professionals (The Netherlands)
Brussels Internationaal kinderfilmfestival (Belgium)
Courtmétrage-Rennes (France)


CinéPublic - Best Cinematography

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Eefje Donkerblauw - Celine VerbeeckCeline VerbeeckCeline VerbeeckCeline Verbeeck
Adam & Eva - Boris Van Severen - Charlotte Dewulf

adam en eva

Adam & Eve are the last two survivors on a world covered with trash. Sadly they are each other’s opposites. Eve collects plants so she can take care of them in her greenhouse while Adam wants to destroy the plants because he believes they produce carbondioxide. But how long can you hold on to your philosophy if you only have each other. And are they really that different?


Cast: Anemone Valcke & Boris Van Severen


Anemone ValckeBoris Van SeverenAnemone ValckeBoris Van Severen - Anemone ValckeDecor Adam & EvaDecor Adam & Eva
Uncle Wellington's Wives - Videoclip - Charlotte Dewulf - Celine Verbeeck


Persiphone is standing in the store, looking at tampons. She can’t decide which tampons she wants to buy.There is something odd about this girl but we cannot really point out what. After a little boy has helped her choose tampons, she goes to the check-out. When the cashier asks her to pay, she does not know what to do. Eventually the cashier sends her to an ATM around the corner and this is where her search for money begins. Sadly it’s not an easy search and the longer the search takes, the more we realize that Persiphone does not really know a lot about our customs. When she finally finds money, she returns to the store, but a robbery is going on at that same moment. Persiphone just wants to buy her tampons but when the robber threatens her, she loses her cool and we discover why she was acting strange all this time.


Cast: Celine Verbeeck, Anemone Valcke, Boris Van Severen & Jonas Vermeulen.


 Celine VerbeeckBoris Van SeverenCeline VerbeeckAnemone ValckeBoris Van Severen
Tiemen van haver


Before the past and after the future, there is a town where words are physical; one can buy and drinks words. Ampersand who sells words for a living, wants to impress a girl but lacks the words to do so. Will words help him, or wil they cause misunderstandings.



Cast: Tiemen Van Haver, Celine Verbeeck, Joren Seldeslachts, Carry Goossens


Bye Bye Cultuur (Belgium)

Jeugdfilmfestival (Belgium)

Ciné Public (Belgium)

BIFFF (Belgium)

GO short filmfestival (The Netherlands)

Little Big Shots  (Australia)

National Filmfestival for Talented Youth  (VS)

Zlín Film Festival (Czech Republic)

Children's Palace (China)

Cinekid for Professionals (The Netherlands)

Court Métrange (France)

Razor Reel (Belgium)


Audience Award - National Filmfestival For Talented Youth

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Celine Verbeeck, Tiemen Van HaverCeline VerbeeckTiemen Van Haver, Celine VerbeeckJohanna Coolisy hoelenampersandCarry Goossens
Celine Timmerman


gin up