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A little lady with big dreams for the littlest people

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For a starting director the film industry seems like an impermeable maze. It's been one year since a started my quest to the centre of the maze. To help others who just started their quest, I started writing a blog for Kunstenloket. Secondly Mediarte gave me the chance to write five Do's and Don'ts for their guide for starters.


charlotte dewulf


You can now buy Eefje online on the platform "Lessen in het Donker"

Click here


China Children's Film Association is a amazed by Eefje. On their festival they only show feautures but because they like EefjeDark Blue so much, they organise a seperate screening!


Ampersand won the Audience award at NFFTY!

Thank You so much!


Ampersand got selected for the National Filmfestival for Talented Youth in Seatle!


And suddenly an interview on Cinevox!

Ampersand got selected at Brussels International Fantastisc Filmfestival! Good to be back! Two years ago Eefje got the same oppurtunity!


Holland watch out! Ampersand is coming to "Go Short" at Nijmegen!

go short

Ampersand is travelling to the other side of the world to be screened at "Little Big Shots"!


Little big shots

Ampersand got screened at Jeugdfilmfestival in Belgium!

Lovely festival!

charlotte Dewulf

Good news! Ampersand got selected for Ciné Public!

The festival where Eefje won the award for best Cinemtography two years ago!

cine public

Below you can see the two first commercials I made as a director.




The lovely people of Filmmagie wrote an article about Ampersand!

Charlotte dewulf

Are you curious to see Ampersand?

Below you can watch a teaser!



The day after the premiere of Ampersand i bumped into the people of "Iedereen Beroemd" a belgian TV show, who asked if they could do an interview with me in there "Concon" where you meet somebody without seeing them.

Of course I wanted to do that!

The DVD will be released on the 16th of January and will be sold with the original children's book "Eefje Dark Blue".

Eefje Donkerblauw boek cover

Eefje Dark Blue will be shown at the International Childrens Film Festival of Seoul on the 5th of August.

International Childrens Film Festival of Seoul

Eefje will go on a trip to Italy. On 21 march they will be shown Eefje Darkblue on the YoungAbout filmfestival.

YoungAbout filmfestival

Eefje Dark Blue won the prize for best cinematography at the film festival Ciné Public! A lot of love to cast and crew!

Ciné Public

Eefje Dark Blue will be screened on the Belgian film day during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
Charlie Dewulf